From what to do, to what to become

Under the productivity category, there’re tons of apps aiming to help you get more things done, and save more time. Working efficiently is always the goal. But why?

No matter how productive we are, our to-do list is always full. Time saved by being productive is often filled with more work. We work hard to gain what we must work harder to keep. This doesn’t feel right.

The problem is, when we focus too much on getting more things done, it’s easy to confuse wanting with liking. Checking off to-do lists feels good when we’re busy, but in the end…

Bluebird is created by Cub & Pup, a two-person indie team. We craft apps that bring joy to people’s lives, with lots of love ❤️.

We strive for perfection because we take polished details as small acts of love, they make people smile, and they make us happy.

We’re curious people who never stop learning. The developer and the designer complete each other when we combine our professional strengths.

We’re a small team, we choose quality over speed. Little by little we become a lot, step by step we get ahead.

Bluebird 2.0 is available for download on the App Store.

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Developer: @limited_dfs | Designer: @topologiraffe

Along our way of making the Bluebird App, we’ve learned a lot about how our brain works, especially when it comes to neuroplasticity — the way a brain gradually changes itself in response to the environment.

Scientists used to believe that only a child’s brain is plastic. Not any more. Neuroplasticity happens for everyone throughout a lifetime, although the process can be challenging after we’ve grown up. That’s some very good news for us adults.

So we believe that anyone can benefit from understanding the brain, from learning how to change our brain in the way we’d like it to…

Color is subjective. It’s hard to remember and hard to describe. The color blue won’t appear the same in different people’s minds.

Color is relative. The same color won’t look the same on different backgrounds. The context changes everything.

This sample from the book Interaction of Color reveals the relativity of color.

When choosing the color for Bluebird, we started with the context — the feeling we’d like to convey. We wanted it to be calm, stressless, and uplifting at the same time.

We like the color blue.

It’s the color of the sky, the color of hope.

The color palette for Bluebird

We’re fond of birds.

They remind us to be open, and the sky is the limit.

And bluebird happens to be the harbinger of happiness in many cultures.

Building Bluebird isn’t an easy journey. But it’s a happy one. Many things in life feel the same way, especially things we care deeply about.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, and it must be nice to share them around. Maybe they can even help someone start their own journey.

That’s what this blog is about.

The topics vary from design to programming to random readings, but they’re all related to the making of a little app that may bring you some joy in this busy world.

Like a bluebird crossing your path.

Bluebird 2.0 is available for download on the App Store.

About us

Bluebird is made by Cub & Pup, a two-person indie team. We craft apps that bring joy to your life, with lots of love ❤️.

Find us on Twitter

Developer: @limited_dfs | Designer: @topologiraffe


Designer. Crafting Bluebird.

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